Alysha is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who is dedicated to motivating women to discover and achieve their life purpose and goals. With her powerful presence and passionate delivery, she ignites a fire within women to use their voices and inspire impactful change in their communities. Whether speaking to a small intimate group or a large conference, Alysha has the unique ability to captivate and move the audience, transforming contemplation into action.

One of Alysha's greatest strengths as a speaker is her willingness to share her personal story of breaking generational barriers and rising above challenges to become a successful business owner.

Her authenticity and vulnerability resonate deeply with her audience, allowing them to see themselves in her journey.

Alysha’s experiences have equipped her with the knowledge and insights to mentor and coach countless women, guiding them to live into their purpose and push past the limitations of the status quo. She is especially skilled at addressing the common struggle of impostor syndrome, empowering women to embrace their worthiness and step into their full potential.

If you're looking for a speaker who will inspire, empower, and ignite action in women,

Alysha is the perfect choice.

Her passion, relatability, and proven track record of making a lasting impact will leave your audience motivated and ready to create meaningful change in their lives and the world.


Black Families Childbirth Education Series

Emerge Mothers Academy

Single Moms Society