The Relatable Author

Alysha Price is an accomplished author and a passionate advocate for co-parenting and the empowerment of single mothers. With a wealth of personal experience as a single mother and co-parent, Alysha has dedicated herself to helping others navigate the challenges of co-parenting through her self-help guide, "It's Not Complicated: A Self-Help Guide for Mothers Navigating the Obstacles of Co-Parenting."

Alysha’s journey as a single mother has shaped her unique perspective and approach to co-parenting. Drawing from her own life lessons, she has created an easy-to-follow guide that provides practical advice and strategies for establishing a cooperative co-parenting relationship. Her firsthand experience allows her to empathize with her readers and offer authentic insights into the complexities of co-parenting.

In addition to her personal experience, Alysha is a qualified neutral family mediator and intrinsic coach. Through her work, she has helped clients transcend their individual needs and develop a team mentality when it comes to co-parenting. Alysha’s introspective tactics encourage readers to delve deep into their upbringing and challenge the narrative of generational patterns that may hold them back.

One of Alysha’s strengths lies in her direct yet supportive approach. She is known for telling it like it is while affirming her readers’ growth. Unlike a “do as I say, not as I do” coach, Alysha openly shares what has worked for her, providing practical and actionable advice that readers can implement in their own lives.

With her expertise, authenticity, and genuine desire to empower others, Alysha Price has become a trusted voice in the field of co-parenting. Through her book, “It’s Not Complicated,” she offers a roadmap for mothers to navigate the obstacles of co-parenting and create a positive and cooperative co-parenting relationship for the