Alysha Price is a Social Entrepreneur influencing lasting change in family dynamics, sought after co-parenting expert and consultant, innovative thought leader in family solutions, Finnovation Fellow and winner of The Minneapolis Award. Motivating women to step into their Savvy Life.

A renowned co-parenting expert, social entrepreneur, and the visionary behind It’s Not Complicated, has a passion for empowering single, never married, and divorced parents. Alysha couples her personal and professional experiences to help families build the resilience needed to effectively and cooperatively co-parent.

As the founder and CEO of The Price Dynamic, Alysha has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to co-parenting support. Her organizations provide a wide range of resources, guidance, and support services to assist parents in navigating the complexities of parenting apart. Through her innovative initiatives, Price has transformed the lives of countless families, empowering them to create healthier and more harmonious environments for their children.

Alysha’s expertise and unique perspective have garnered her widespread recognition. She rose to prominence as a featured expert on Oprah Winfrey Network’s hit reality series, Love & Marriage Huntsville and coached high profile clients navigating divorce. Her relatable yet neutral approach has earned her a reputation as the go-to expert on coparenting, and her ability to create a safe space for parents to be vulnerable and explore new avenues for healing is unmatched. 

Recognized for her unprecedented work, Alysha has been featured in Forbes, where her innovative efforts to promote a more positive outlook on parenting across households were highlighted. Drawing from her personal experiences, Alysha has been able to develop a social enterprise that is helping break traumatic generational patterns. Her organization, The Price Dynamic, serves as a catalyst for positive change and empowers parents to overcome challenges and build stronger relationships. With a mission to create a more harmonious and supportive co-parenting landscape, The Price Dynamic stands at the forefront of the movement for positive change. 

Alysha has also founded Dynamic Family Solutions 501(c)(3) which has a specific focus on working with Black parents with skills needed to build and sustain collaborative co-parenting relationships and prevent involvement in the family court system when possible. Helping Black children have stable parents and supportive living environments. 

Alysha is a servant leader, serving on the boards of Conflict Resolution Center and Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Additionally Alysha volunteers her time as a consultant for Single Moms Society Club, Dallas TX. While Alysha has strategically aligned her heart with her career, her own family is priority. She is a proud mother and daughter as well as a best friend to many. She is a lover of music, fashion and savory foods. Her favorite time of day is happy hour!

Alysha Price holds a bachelor degree in Human Services with a Family Studies focus and a Masters Degree in Business Management, she is a qualified neutral family mediator and a certified intrinsic coach, certified in motivational interviewing at MD Anderson Cancer Center and trained in positive psychology.