Take Control Now

Regaining your independence and sass requires practical strategies and tools. Equip yourself to tell your story like a boss, learn to communicate effectively, organize your thoughts,and assertively advocate for your needs. Alysha’s proven framework not only helps you draft your story but it helps you to develop a strong sense of self and empowers you to take charge. There’s money in your story!

Become an Author

Turning a chapter in your life into a self-help guide is a powerful way to use your personal experiences to help others accomplish their goals and overcome obstacles in their lives. 

Alysha will help you to distill those insights into actionable steps and strategies that others can apply to their own lives. Your self-help guide becomes a roadmap for others to navigate their own challenges and a way for you to create a new stream of income.

Become a coach

Drawing upon my own life experiences, you will find immense fulfillment in coaching others who are navigating similar challenges. Through this series you will learn to create your unique framework based off of your story, structure coaching sessions, and create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their own thoughts, emotions, and motivations with your guidance.

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You don't have to navigate this journey alone. We'll help you build a supportive community of like-minded single mothers who understand your experiences. Through workshops, group sessions, and networking opportunities, you'll connect with other strong, inspiring women who can offer guidance, friendship, and encouragement.

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Personalized Guidance:

Every woman’s journey is unique. That’s why personalized guidance can be just the fuel you need. Alysha will work closely with you to structure your story and strategize on ways to turn that story into an income. Whether you are wanting to write your own self help guide or become a coach, Alysha will help you arrive at the plan that’s best for your path. 

Let me be your partner on this transformative journey.

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