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It's Not Complicated, promises to revolutionize your life, not only as a co-parent but also as a remarkable mother and an overall better person.

Within its pages, you will uncover invaluable insights and practical strategies that will guide you to go from, this is impossible to It’s Not Complicated. The book’s empowering message will equip you with the tools to navigate the challenges of co-parenting with grace. 

Emerge as a savvy mom, forever altering the course of your co-parenting journey and leaving an indelible mark on your children’s lives. 

You will be able to define your role as a co-parent. 

You will be empowered as a woman. 

Inspire your personal growth in ways you never thought possible.

The frustration experienced by a mother who is unable to co-parent with the father of her child is immeasurable. It can consume you with a sense of defeat, leaving you feeling unsupported, undervalued, and taken for granted.

The inability to establish a harmonious co-parenting dynamic not only hinders your ability to provide the 1 best care for your child but also undermines your own emotional well-being.

All things that amplifying your feelings of frustration! It’s Not Complicated supports your desire to end this cycle and take control. 

Alysha Price intimately understands what you are going through, she has crafted It's Not Complicated to walk you through the exact journey she took to become the co-parent she is today.

Alysha’s “why” stems from a deep understanding of the universal importance of family. Regardless of gender, race, or class, family serves as our North Star, providing us with a sense of belonging, love, and support. However, when family life becomes unstable for any reason, it has a profound effect on one’s overall well-being and how they show up in the world. 

Having personally experienced the ups and downs of co-parenting, Alysha recognized a significant gap in the support available to moms. Look no further that support is here…It’s Not Complicated.

An easy to comprehend guide that fits into any purse or bag, open it on any page and take away an a strategy.

"It’s Not Complicated"

Step into a world of self-improvement and discover the secrets to successful co-parenting. We understand that being a mom navigating the complexities of co-parenting can be challenging, but you got this! It’s Not Complicated is here to be your trusted companion on this rocky journey.


Are you tired of the constant conflicts and misunderstandings? Do you dream of creating a peaceful and nurturing environment for your child? Let’s do it. It’s Not Complicated, is specifically tailored to empower moms like you, providing you with the tools and knowledge to navigate co-parenting with grace and confidence.

Why choose It’s Not Complicated?

Written by Alysha Price, renowned co-parenting expert and experienced mom, this book combines years of wisdom and practical insights into an easy to read guide to help you thrive in your co-parenting journey. Benefit from her expertise and learn from her successes and challenges.

Alysha believes that true cooperation lies in embracing a holistic approach to co-parenting. It’s Not Complicated goes beyond the basics, addressing emotional well-being, effective communication strategies, and fostering a healthy co-parenting dynamic. It’s not just about managing schedules; it’s about working through your mindset.

This isn’t just another self-help book filled with vague concepts. It’s Not Complicated provides you with clear, actionable steps that you can implement today. From setting boundaries to forgiveness, each chapter equips you with valuable techniques and prompts that will transform your co-parenting outlook.

When you embark on this transformative journey, you won’t be alone. It’s Not Complicated connects you with the author and her community of like-minded moms who understands the challenges you face. Share your experiences, seek advice, and find solace in the company of those who have walked a similar path.


"Alysha Price has been a great support to our moms here at Emerge Mothers Academy. Not only does she communicate well and inspire healthier co-parenting relationships and self care, she also lives it out!

Real like examples always speak volumes. She is professional and fun, thoughtful but to-the point. Such a great speaker and resource. We enjoy working with Alysha!”

Rebecca Erickson

Executive Director Emerge Mothers Academy

"Alysha is the G.O.A.T, anyone that can make me feel supported and evoke emotion in ex-husband is the truth!

She intimately understands from her own personal experience and it shows in her approach.”

Melody Holt

 Love & Marriage Huntsville

"I immediately felt comfortable talking to Alysha, she's like the best friend you've always wanted.

I could share anything and there was never judgment.”

Sara Simmons

Love After Lock Up

"The tips for communication not only helped in my co-parenting relationship but I was able to apply them in my workplace...the book is my little bible."

"This book helped me to get honest with myself about my behaviors and how I was making co-parenting hard because of my childhood trauma."

"Alysha's humor helped me deal with a topic that has brought me many tears."

"I could open the book up on any page and take away a a busy working mom I barely have time to read a book for pleasure but this was a breeze."

"I carry my guide in my purse for frequent reference because while co-parenting doesn't have to be complicated by temper can be.

I have gone back to read things I’ve written to help me stay focused.”

"Thanks to this book I am clear on my non-negotiables and I feel confident about sharing them with my co-parent."

“I read the book in an attempt to better understand how my daughter’s mother might be feeling…needless to say, I apologized to her.”

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