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Are you ready to turn your personal experiences into a powerful self-help book that not only impacts lives but also fuels your financial freedom and makes you an author? Learn from Alysha Price, a trailblazing social entrepreneur, who used her own lived experience as a co-parent to achieve remarkable success, including being featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and Forbes as an expert in her domain. She has coached some of your favorite reality stars. Now, she’s ready to share her proven framework to help you unlock your potential and make a lasting difference by sharing your lived experiences with the world. 

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Of all the experiences you’ve had, there is one that stands out as the most impactful and beneficial to those around you. You will be supported to filter out negative self-talk, so you can identify the most powerful, purpose-driven story that will ultimately lead to your success. 

Learn the modalities for connecting with your target audience and understanding their needs. Discover how to connect with your audience on a deep and meaningful level, ensuring that your self-help book can be used in innovative ways.

Learn powerful strategies for effectively using a problem you solved as a tool for igniting change and increasing your income. Alysha will share her personal journey and proven techniques for leveraging personal narratives to build a purpose-driven business and make a meaningful social impact.

Discover how to monetize your self-help book while staying true to your values and mission. Gain insights into building a sustainable and thriving business that aligns with your purpose and fosters positive change in the world.

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The empowering influencer who is on a mission to help people transform their lives by harnessing the power of their personal stories. With her vibrant personality and genuine passion for personal development, Alysha has built a dedicated following of individuals seeking to improve their mindset, cultivate positive self-talk, and turn their experiences into a source of inspiration and income. 

Through her engaging coaching, captivating storytelling, and insightful content, Alysha guides her audience on a transformative journey, offering practical advice and actionable strategies to move from self-doubt to self-empowerment. Drawing from her own experiences, she shares candidly about overcoming challenges, embracing vulnerability, and finding the courage to speak authentically about her journey.

Alysha turned her life experience of becoming a co-parent into a self-help book titled, “It’s Not Complicated: A Self Help Guide For Mother’s Navigating The Obstacles of Co-Parenting.” She used the guide as the foundation for creating a coaching business which grew into a social enterprise.

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“Alysha is the G.O.A.T, anyone that can make me feel supported and evoke emotion in my ex-husband is the truth! She intimately understands from her own personal experience and it shows in her approach.”

Melody Holt

Love & Marriage Huntsville

“I thank GOD for Alysha, her coaching support and the activities in her book, “It’s Not Complicated,” helped me regain the focus I needed to journey through my new normal of being a single mother.”

Danielle Miller

Basketball Wives Orlando

Alysha leveraged her Self-Help Book to spread her message, landing her guest appearances and invaluable press…

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