Need a Co-Parenting Coach to Help You Change the Dynamic of Your Parenting Situation? Say No More, I can Help!
Dope Coaching

Work with Alysha Price one-on-one to move toward the growth mindset necessary to tackle challenges, develop the courage to make major life decisions without second-guessing yourself and to solidify your voice.

Virtual coaching sessions for the busy woman who is juggling family and her fierceness. Organize your thoughts, create a strategy for your life and arrive at your purpose. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs. You are the leader here! The goal is to help you establish the patterns, mindset, and skills you need to develop in order to progress in the areas of your life that might be delaying your level up.  

Is Coaching Right For You…

Where are you in life right now?

  • Suddenly a single mom navigating the struggles of co-parenting?
  • Looking to revive your career?
  • Feeling lost without any prospects of growth in your personal or professional life?
  • Stuck in the rut of the day-to-day routine and want to be more in control?
The right fit is a woman who wants to make a positive change in her life. No matter who you are or what your story, you are DOPE and you want others to treat you as such.
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