Need a Co-Parenting Coach to Help You Change the Dynamic of Your Parenting Situation? Say No More, I can Help!
Who Is Dope?

We are each DOPE (Deserving of Positive Energy).

But who am I?

I thought you’d never ask. My name is Alysha Price. I am the CEO & Founder of The Price Dynamic, author, co-parenting expert and a lifestyle influencer for women. I am the architect of the DOPE experience.

I became a lifestyle influencer after figuring out a hack to changing my own life. Now I work with other women to recognize their worth and welcome in positive energy that enlightens all aspects of their lives.

What I Do…

I offer an exclusive membership community to women who are ready to cut to the chase, tell it like it is and get closer to their TRUTH.

I have developed exclusive content and experiences aimed at sparking new thinking and ways of speaking that helps you win.
You do the work. However, our common goal? To see you evolve into the DOPE woman you’ve been ignoring, neglecting or waiting to unleash. Let’s do this girl!

Together, we accomplish this through specialized content, online courses, personal messages from yours truly and DOPE events (more on that later!).

As a DOPE Tribe member, you can expect to:
How Do I Do It?

By starting with you.

You select the signature offer that best fits where you are on your DOPE journey, you then follow the self-guided coaching tools and utilize the accountability structure from my team and I; you will be telling people how DOPE you are in no time.

Our membership materials help you peel back the layers; tell your story, own your skills, learn from your experiences and use it all to arrive at your highest self. Release the superpowers that you have hiding beneath your day to day responsibilities. DOPE right?

And then you bring it all together and together, we are a movement, something far greater than each one of us alone.

Leverage the power, meet your next best friend or business partner.
Join the Tribe… Stay Current, Stay DOPE!