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A Little About Me

A dope girl with a knack for inspiring others

The CEO & Founder of both The Price Dynamic, co-parenting coaching, education and consulting firm, and Dynamic Family Solutions 501(c)3 which supports young black parents to co-parent effectively. Alysha Price is a trained motivational Interviewer, qualified neutral family mediator, studied positive psychology and has been a lifestyle coach for over 15 years. Alysha holds a BS in Human Services with a family studies focus and a Master Degree in Business Management.
The myth is that we can’t do it all. The truth? When we find harmony and balance, and a DOPE ass Tribe of likeminded women, we most certainly can!

-Alysha Price

My Personal Story

How I got here.

At a very early age I was taught to express how I felt and to ask for what I needed. I noticed how that separated me from other girls. It seemed as if they were taught to be polite which equalled quiet. But I had the courage to be assertive and matter of fact and of course polite. Fast forward to adulthood and the same thing was happening with women but there was more at stake and now be nice equalled be quiet which could cost you your dignity. And to that I said Hell No! I speak up for what I deserved in all facets of my life and women around me admire that.

My Why

I am a DOPE dealer, that’s why.

Just kidding. But serious I am the creator of this DOPE experience. I truly believe that we are all deserving of positive energy and when we give it we get it in return.

I can relate to the struggles of womanhood, single parenthood, career challenges, self-doubt, not knowing where to start…I’ve been there myself. In short, I am like you.

I’ve created a framework to help other women with similar obstacles. It took years of effort, but now I live a life I absolutely love. But don’t get it twisted sis! Arriving at this place took a lot of internal work, perseverance, cocktails, and the belief that I was going to have everything I deserved.

And that’s what I want for each woman I cross paths with. Without any BS. Without giving a f*ck what anyone else thinks. Get what’s YOURS!

We can be driven in all facets of our lives AND be true to ourselves. The key is figuring out how to live a DOPE life.

-Alysha Price

Carving out your own path

I turned my life experiences with co-parenting into a book, “It’s Not Complicated: A Self Help Guide for Mothers Navigating the Obstacles of Co-Parenting,” and I’ve founded two companies. I have coached countless individuals and couples. I am a testament that you can use your life to create a better life!

A Few of My Favorite Things:

My Favorite Movie:

Love Jones

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YSL Rouge Tatouage

My Guilty Pleasure:

Love After Lock Up (Reality TV)

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Airmax 90


“Dedication, hard work plus patience, the sum of all my sacrifice. I am done waiting.”



Think & Grow Rich By: Napoleon Hill